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soooooo is no one going to say ANYTHING about how this woman is full of shit?

like oh, you needed a fat suit to learn that fat people aren’t treated well? OR HOW ABOUT YOU JUST LISTEN TO THE ENDLESS STORIES FROM ACTUAL FAT WOMEN WHO COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THIS IN TWO SECONDS

you needed a fat suit to show that people don’t like when people use “fake” images …. I GET IT THAT IT’S SUPPOSEDLY STILL THE SAME PERSON but i mean, this is why i keep my pics up to date, because i don’t want to put myself through this

I’d be just as displeased if some guy showed up looking 40 when he said he was 25 (has happened), so I mean, what is this experiment proving other than “people on dating sites expect you to look like your photo, regardless of what you look like/weigh”

and you couldn’t find an actually fat woman for this entirely POINTLESS “experiment”

my body is not your fucking costume

the struggles and hardships i face from a fatphobic society don’t come off at the end of the day. I can’t unzip my oppression and slide it off


Like oh, you felt bad because some guys left you while in a fat suit? But you KNOW you get to take it off later. You KNOW this isn’t something you’ve dealt with for 20+ years, and likely won’t have to ever experience once the suit is gone. 

Wear that suit, EVERY DAY, even in the shower, for 20+ years, FROM CHILDHOOD, THEN fucking tell me what you’ve learned. Until then, get the fuck out of my face with this social experiment bullshit

I want to add so much more but for now I’ll just say that as an actual fat person who frequently goes on dates with men I’ve met online, I am terrified that my photos are perceived as “eh, I guess she isn’t too fat” because getting a good photo that accurately portrays my fattness in a picture appropriate for okcupid is tough. I am terrified that they will show up thinking I’m chubby and then see me, a 250+ person, and think I’m disgusting or WORSE try to fuck me anyways even though they aren’t attracted to me because “eh, I already came all this way” (which I’m pretty sure has happened on multiple occasions). Those are just two of my anxieties surrounding me online dating as a fat person and I’m of a relatively small fat. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for women of a larger fat and of a fat that is less socially acceptable. 

Briefly, another reason why this is fucked up is these dudes are probably going to have even more fucked up opinions on fat girls now. Not only are fat women unattractive and insecure but they are liars. Thanks super awesome social experiment!

That’s one of their lies! I genuinely don’t think that there are any real grown-ups. I think we are kids in drag. We are all wearing grown-up drag, and we’re all fooling each other. ‘Cuz you look around, and you go, ‘Okay, well, he’s definitely a grown-up. She’s a grown-up. I’m pretty sure that’s a grown-up over there’—you get into their heads, they’re going, ‘No, I’m twelve.’ But nobody knows! So it’s okay.
Neil Gaiman, vastly improving my terrified mood one interview at a time (via novelconcepts)


I found Shane Dawson when I was 18 about five years ago, and was a fan of his for about two years before unsubscribing. During that time, I had a lot of internalized racism and self-hate, so I never saw anything wrong with his portrayals. Even when he did Blackface, I was the type to justify it as him playing a role, like when he portrayed a Black actress from the Degrassi franchise. As I became more aware of issues of racism, his virtual (and literal) blackface was too much for me and I unsubscribed.

The thing that you have to remember is that as Black kids, we don’t get the education that we need. Our history is not taught, and when it is, it’s brushed off as a past era, and almost punctuated with a “aren’t things so much better for you Black people now?” Like with that video where Kat went into details the archetypes of Black characters that, mind you, are still active to this very day in mainstream media (and even in Black-centric media, unfortunately), most of us probably didn’t know where these archetypes and stereotypes came from. And because we don’t know where they came from—because we don’t know that they were legit propaganda to encourage slavery—we think it comes from some funny joke. That may be based in a bit of truth. It’s like you said; if your only interactions with Black people are from what you see in the media, you’re going to have a negative view. With me, I was one of those Black kids that everyone said “talked/acted” white, and Black kids like that tend to embrace it and believe what the media says we are. And to prove they’re not like that, those Black kids will support and endorse people like Shane Dawson. These kids are kids who were not taught their history, and when they are, they’re given a tragic, abridged version that no one would want to claim. The fact that this country was built on the backs and labor of their ancestors escapes them because white people love to ignore that fact themselves. We have history books being written that literally leave slavery out. They don’t know their history or worth as Black Americans; they don’t see the richness in our culture and existence. Shane Dawson’s fans of color are the result of what happens when our children grow up not knowing their history nor their worth.

(Source: chescaleigh)

Puberty blockers help make trans teens into happier young adults, study finds


Transgender youth who take puberty-delaying hormone treatments are more likely to be happier when they fully transition, according to a new study.

The study found that starting on hormone replacements around age 14 resulted in better mental health for trans youth, and that they had an easier time transitioning into their lived and true gender identity later on.

“The first thing this study shows is that transgender young people, with appropriate treatment, can function at the same psychological level as the rest of the population,” Jenifer McGuire, co-author of the study, told BuzzFeed News. “They have the same distribution as everyone else when they’re treated properly.”

The Dutch study, which involved 22 transgender men and 33 transgender women, found that because of the early hormone treatment, the participants ultimately had no more emotional distress, anxiety, or issues with body image than their peers in the general population after they had transitioned. They also required less gender reassignment surgery, as physical characteristics that develop during puberty were suppressed.

Studies like this are so, so important because they add another layer of credibility to the work we already know is important. We know one of the ways to help trans youth become their true selves as happily and healthily as possible, and the research clearly shows that we should keep doing it. 

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